LIZZY B - The face of Neontide's Spring Campaign 2015

New York based Aussie model and Holistic Health practioner Lizzy B has landed the gig as the face of the new Neontide Spring 2015/16 campaign. 
Not only did this brunette beauty win the genetic jackpot, but we know she works her butt off daily to stay looking this good, which is the reason we fell in love with her. 
We asked her to share some of her secrets with us on how we too can feel half as good as she does!
Enjoy xx


- by Lizzy B

* Make Veggies the focus
* Choose humanely raised animal produce
* Cut out the packet food & read the labels
* Google to find a healthier recipe of your favourite cravings
* You only live once so break the rules on special occasions (just try not the animal one though please xx)


Generally I wake up as late as possible, usually 7:30am on work days. Drink a full glass of water with lemon or apple cider vinegar, take prescript-assist probiotics and then hustle to get my choc-berry smoothie made before running to the subway where I catch up on the daily news with


* 1 Cup fo rasberries/strawberry combo
* 1 Large handful of baby spinach or kale
* 1 - 2 Tbspn cacao powder
* 1 tsp Maca root powder
* 1 Tbspn of Almond butter
* Pinch vanilla powder
* 1/2 cup of cold water or nut milk
* Handful of ice
Blend together in nutribullet.  Add raw honey or apple if you need it sweeter.


When it comes to lunchtime it's usually out of my control unless I pack my own.  Depending on the catering budget and how much sleep I have had will determine how controlled I will be.  One day I will make myself a healthy plate of salad and veggies and run home. Other days I will eat the creamy pasta, roast potatoes, lobster rolls, chocolate cake and continue to snack until my head hits the pillow and vow to behave the following day.  It's all about balance. If I am at home I usually keep it simple and boil or scramble 2 eggs along with sautéed spinach and cherry tomatoes.


NY is a city of extremes in every sense and definitely when it comes to weather.  When those balmy sweater summer nights hit, al Ry (lizzys hubby) and I feel like eating is crisp salads accompanied by fresh seafood.  I make vegetables the staple and bulk of our meals and eat meat about twice a week.  For health and ethical reason I don't believe in the need to eat animals on a daily basis and always ensure I am educated on where and how it is raised, and if you only eat it twice a week you can afford the highest quality.  At the moment I am loving this tossed asian slaw.  Consists of shredded cabbage, grated carrot, julienned apple, chopped celery, topped with avocado, toasted pine nuts, coriander and asian dressing (1/4 cup sesame oil, apple cider vinegar, and soy sauce with a squeeze of lime juice, honey to taste).


So when it comes to life I just don't think it's worth it if I have to give up chocolate.  I can do it and I have done it but I regretted every second.  To get my fix I LOVE this recipe.


* 1 cup almond butter

* 1/4 cup honey or maple syrup

* 1 egg

* 2 tbspn coconut butter or ghee

* 1/3 cocoa or cacao powder

* 1/4 chocolate chips (optional, get the best quality)

* 1  tsp vanilla

* 1/2 tsp baking soda


Preheat oven to 350F or180C.  Combine all ingredients and pour into a baking tin.  Bake for 20-30 mins.



Keeping slim is one thing, keeping swim shoot ready is another thing altogether.  It requires a commitment to training at least 5 times a week and choosing wisely at every meal.  If I have to get my kit off I like to have at least 2 weeks to pull my body into shape.  As long as I have maintained decent fitness prior I just up the cardio, such as interval sprints or spin class to 3 times a week and try to get to yoga 5 times a week, alongside my usual 3 sessions of weights training.  Cutting out sugar and filling up on green veggies and keeping portion size in check usually keeps me satisfied and sane.  Getting enough sleep is crucial for a lean physique and clear skin.  I can't stress this enough, 8 -1 0 hours sleep is a game changer!!!

By Lizzy B

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