Top 10 Islands in the World

Travelling is about experience and sometimes, getting away from it all too.

Where better than an island with the sun shining down on you, a cocktail in one hand and a great book in the other!

This list was a tough one to pick. Plus now we want to pack our bags and visit every single one of these incredible destinations! We challenge you not to feel the same...

There's islands from all parts of the globe and some even close to home! Whilst a few are seasonal, most of them offer year-round perfection.

In no particular order....

Top 10 Islands in the World

1. St Lucia, Caribbean

White sandy beaches, world-class dive sites, rainforests and volcanoes all call this piece of paradise home.

2. Capri, Italy

Off the west-coast of Italy, only 50km from Naples lies this tiny Italian island. The size of Central Park in New York City and featuring some of the grandest hotels in Europe - this is where you'll find the beautiful people.

3. Fiji

Made up of 106 glorious inhabited islands (plus countless others for you to discover) in the South Pacific + only a few hours flying time from Australia!

4. Oahu

The third-largest Hawaiian island and jam-packed full of history, surf and endless beaches.

5. Maldives

Hundreds of islands (and even more island resorts) separated by crystal-clear water and smiling locals.

6. Whitsunday Islands

Made up of 74 islands between QLD's northeast coast and the famed Great Barrier Reef. Uninhabited islands, diverse vegetation and incredibly rich marine life make this destination unforgettable.

7. Bora Bora

A dormant volcano, turquoise waters and picture-perfect over-water bungalows can be found just northwest of Tahiti in glorious French Polynesia.

8. Santorini

The belle of Greece's ball and an all-time favourite honeymoon destination. World-class sunsets, hotels and views.

9. Bali

Less than 6 hours flying time from Sydney and an incredibly diverse island; rich in culture, charm and geography - from the beaches all the way to the jungle.

10. Moorea

30 minutes from Tahiti by boat is this French Polynesian island. Crystal clear water, white sandy beaches and stunning cliff backdrops.

So what's on the top of your list?
Which island are you packing your bikini for?


Love from the Neontide Team xoxoxo

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