So what is the ideal body then?

From Ancient Egypt until the present day, women's ideal body types have changed dramatically.

Note that I didn't use the word 'evolved' there and for one clear reason.

I wanted to make it very clear that these changes are not necessarily an evolution, development or upgrade; they are simply how it is and how it was; they are history and change.

From large breasts, to boyish frames, pale skin, small waists and perfectly smooth foreheads; the past 3000 or so years have provided vast differences in measures of beauty and the idolised 
'look of the time.'

Think about it even in terms of your own lifetime. What difference in women's bodies have there been? 

As a child of the 1980's, I've seen magazine covers and the 'dream' body go from athletic to waif-ish to 'plastic barbie' in just 30 years.


An incredible video was created to compare exactly these idealised figures.

Co-creator, Eugene Lee Yang, told the Huffington Post that, "The video intended to compare these idealised figures in an editorial fashion that evaluates the aesthetic of each era while displaying how much and how often these standards of beauty change over time." 

He went on to comment about body and beauty trends as a whole,

"We're so often preoccupied with current trends that we lose perspective on how fleeting our obsession with physical perfection has historically been." As demanding as our perception of an ideal body type may be, we should remember that yesterday's ideal will, without fail, evolve into something completely different tomorrow."

Reports that many viewers had incredibly strong reactions to Yang's work are easy to understand. 

Appearances and 'what we should be' are incredibly sensitive and charged issues in our society.These age-old conversations are most certainly not over with. To me and the team here at Neontide, we think that each and every body type has been ideal at some stage, though regardless of what's upheld at any one point in history, every body type is beautiful. 



With love from Nadia + The Neontide Team xoxox

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