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Who doesn't love being inspired? 
By people, places and stories that capture our attention, leave us energised and excited about the infinite possibilities in this world.
Here at Neontide, we totally agree with you!
That's why we've set out to bring these fantastic stories directly to you.
For this first edition of NEONTIDE LOVES, you're going to meet 2 seriously fabulous ladies.
Gemma and Jacquie, who are the brains and beauties behind gorgeous online active and swimwear store; Love Movement.
In their own words....
"Love Movement is all about being inspired to live an active life while looking great & feeling amazing."
Ah hello, did we mention that these girls are amazing?!!!
How did Love Movement come together?

The idea of launching an online store that would sell an edited collection of activewear and swimwear labels was actually born out of our shared love of fitness!

It was Gemma’s fiancé (soon to be husband!) that introduced us; after being Jac’s PT for some time, he had a feeling that the two of us would hit it off and he was absolutely right. From the first time we met, we clicked and pretty much haven’t stopped talking since! 

We found common ground in our shared passion for fitness, wellbeing and living active lives, but also had a keen interest in e-commerce and a strong desire to work for ourselves. Throw in our complimentary professional backgrounds (Gemma’s in Buying and Sales and Jacquie’s in Marketing and PR) and it seemed that all our boxes were ticked! After months of careful research and planning, Love Movement was born in November 2013.

What is your favorite aspect of being an entrepreneur?

100% the fact that we get to call all of the shots.

We both came from corporate backgrounds and it can be frustrating in big organisations to have an idea that you’re excited about, only to find that you have to go through multiple levels of people to get the OK to go ahead with it. When you run your own business and work for yourself, the ability to put new ideas into play can happen immediately! It’s an exciting time to be entrepreneurial too…there has emerged a real community of people following their dreams, launching companies that will fulfil them creatively as well as financially and so we also love being a part of this movement too.

What does a typical day look like for you both?

The beauty of it is that there is no such thing as a typical day, they are each completely unique!

On any one day you might find us meeting with our current brand partners, reviewing upcoming collections and attending buying meetings or sourcing new and exciting labels. On another, our day may include marketing meetings, or catchups with our accountant to run through budgets and figures. The one aspect that always forms part of our day is social media - we are pretty much hooked up to Instagram or Facebook 24/7. One of the greatest (& sometimes most challenging) things about running your own business is that you are involved in all aspects of it. It makes for busy, although satisfying days. 

Tell us more about the Love Movement philosophy?

The Love Movement philosophy is all about positive wellness.
Creating a healthy, love-soaked lifestyle that has you looking and feeling your best, rather than the endless pursuit of weightloss or viewing exercise as a chore.
We know there is no better feeling than the buzz that comes from finding an activity that makes your heart sing. You can’t deny the little swagger in your step that emerges when you love the skin you’re in and the threads you’re wearing.  Whether it’s swimming in the sunshine, sweating it out in Cross Fit or getting lean in Pilates, every woman deserves that buzz. We also know the power of a good outfit to make you feel amazing! 
How did you celebrate your first big win?
With a special celebratory lunch (we may have popped a bottle of bubbles or two!) which allowed us to step back and really enjoy the moment. We’re often guilty of that same mistake many make; achieving a goal & simply ploughing on to ‘what’s next!'
It’s important to take a moment out of the routine and truly celebrate. It’s something we try to make a priority in both business and life in general. 
Both of you radiate health, how do you stay active whilst running your own business? 
Again, it’s just about prioritising.
Business and life do get busy; Gem recently celebrated her wedding and Jacquie had her first baby six months ago, so trust us when we say it’s been a SUPER busy year for us!)
However being active is something that’s integral to our health and happiness. The beauty of working for yourself is the flexibility it affords you. We don’t think twice about starting late or leaving early if it means squeezing in a yoga class, a workout with our PT or even just a walk on the beach. The result is that we feel more energised, inspired and happier overall. Such a win!
Your favourite office soundtrack?
We recently purchased some super cute new Bose speakers that allow us to stream our music while we’re working away. The soundtrack depends largely on our day and what we’re up to, but there are always good tunes playing! 

What has been your most satisfying moment in business?

We are so proud to have launched and grown a business that is driven by passion! So many people find themselves waking in the morning to shuffle off to jobs that are either not fulfilling them personally, no longer exciting or worse still, draining their enthusiasm for living a life they love.

To us, that was simply not an option. At LM HQ, we love that every day has that ‘Friday vibe’ because we’re doing what we love. To be recognized and profiled in one of our all-time fav magazines, Renegade Collective recently (February 2015) was also pretty sensational.  

Where do you see yourselves and Love Movement in 10 years?

Hopefully still doing what we love…perhaps with a bigger office and bigger wardrobe to hold an ever-expanding collection of activewear though!


If you want to connect with the girls, head over to their website (good luck not wanting everything!), their Facebook and follow their Instagram for more inspiration.

Love from The Neontide Team xxx

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