Why rashies are cool

 It's nothing we haven't heard before.

That the sun can be a killer.

Overexposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun all too often goes hand-in-hand with melanoma, and nowhere is that more true than in Australia.

You've seen the ad of the classic Aussie girl, on a beach and as she bakes, the voiceover says "...tannning is skin cells in trauma."

The shockingly tragic facts are there:

  • 30 Australians on average are diagnosed with melanoma every day
  • 1200 die from melanoma each year
  • 80% of newly diagnosed cancers in Australia are skin cancer
  • the incidence of skin cancer in Australia has risen by 60% over the past 2 decades
  • over 95% of skin cancers are caused by exposure to the sun 
Australia has the highest incidence of melanoma in the world.
Despite the enormous difference in population, we have double the cases than even the US; seriously!
It's truly tragic and worse still, it's almost always preventable.
What the heck are we doing then? We all know this right? Whether the campaign is "slip, slop, slap," or "no hat, no play" we've most certainly all heard it and yet skin cancer rates are continuing to rise.
What we're doing is loving being tanned.

That quintessential, all-Australian activity of hitting the beach all summer and tanning ourselves senseless. 

We've all done it.
However, even famed beach babe Lara Bingle has ditched the sun in favour of her skin and long-term health. So much so that she's shading herself and has launched her own line of bronzing and tanning products.

So what we've decided is that there needs to be a middle ground.

A little sun exposure for our Vitamin D needs and a little covering up. A little glorious sunshine and a little shade. 

We've ditched the whole "sun-safe" term because let's face it, that isn't sexy and instead we've created a range of women's rashies for us beautiful women that are sexy, cool, fun to wear and help us to #beatTheSun - not bad right?

Our incredibly popular Malibu Zip Thru L/S Suit was designed with exactly this in mind. To make a statement, to feel like the babe you are and yet #beatTheSun at the same time.
    FYI - we still have a few sizes left and for <$90, you really can't go wrong! You can check it out here.

    Look out for more of these styles in our Summer 2015/16 collection and together let's re-think the way we see tanning. 
    The Neontide Team xxx
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