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NEONTIDE S14 LOOKBOOK from Neontide Swimwear on Vimeo.

This is a little note to say Welcome to Neontide and thank you for taking the time to read this.


This brand has been a labor of love by 3 girls that want no more than bringing you stunning product that they love designing, creating and bringing to you.

Jen, Myself and Angela have been working on this for the past 10 months to bring you some beautiful, affordable swimwear for yourself.  We have also developed some really cool, on trend teen and kids swim that have their own prints in great shapes. 

We want to make you feel amazing in it, give all girls the confidence in themselves to feel great in our product.

It's been a journey to bring us to this point.

They say if it was easy everyone would be doing it. True to that.

We have had many tears. Lots of wins. Late nights. Business and overall humbling life lessons .

Nothing describes bringing a brand into this world like a wild roller coaster. Lots of dips and lots of rises and always twists you don't see coming. How you handle them is how you keep on the ride.

Its actually a long road to finally getting product to you.  Staying positive 100% all of the time is definately the challenge - self doubts can creep in now and then - is this investment going to work? And our reward is so worth it- Seeing you in our swimwear down the beach!

Please contact at anytime by email at as its the customers like yourself we listen too when improving our products so please feel free send us any feedback

So many people to thank- so to all our partners, family, kids and friends who have supported us in chasing our dreams THANKYOU! you all know who you are.

Enjoy. As Its Always Summer Somewhere.

Love Soph, Jen and Ange x




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